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Africa's future depends on its young!



Graduate Enterprise Training for colleges

21st Century Skills for students!

Interested in skills that prepare students for life after school? Whether you are a teacher, parent, or student contact us and we can help bring our programmes to you.

Time and time again we have been told by industry experts that a degree alone is not indicative of a successful graduate. That’s why we have partnered with educational experts to design co-curricular programmes that complement academic learning as well as prepare children for life after school.

The learning is highly collaborative and framed in a super hero narrative that immerses students in problematic situations, which they must solve.

We not only train the students in schools but also deliver capacity building training to schools. In addition, we provide Effective School Management and Leadership training to Principals, Vice Principals and Heads of institutions. We also provide comprehensive end-to- end solutions in the skills assessment domain.

We are there. At every stage of life. Providing the necessary skill development solutions needed to achieve ambitions!

Working with employers & schools to empower people with skills.

Whether you are a HR professional looking for employee training, or a school looking to become 'the school of choice' by parents, we have a solution that is relevant, tested, and proven to make a real impact  - right from kindergarten, to university, and up to middle management.

Tech Enabled Learning

By utilizing technology to nurture role-specific skills, social and emotional competencies and artisan trades we have been able to help over 60,000 students and professionals in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

Award Winning Solutions

We have been identified by business and education awarding bodies for our innovation. We are 'Leaders of Change' and champion the revolution of skills in today's world.