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Business Cooperating with Vocational Education and Training Providers for Quality Skills and Attractive Futures

Economies powered by African Youth.


Every year, out of 2.5 million youth entering the job market, over 85% are not job-ready.

There is NO future for Africa... Without A skilled Workforce!

Vocational education and training (VET) can play a crucial role in tackling many of the most pressing challenges that Africa is faced with today, such as competitiveness, youth unemployment, and social inclusion.

To put the VET-sector in the best possible position to do so, it is crucial to increase the quality and attractiveness of VET. PurplePatch offers employability programmes to unemployed rural youth, poor urban youth, Persons with Disabilities (PwDs), youth with below poverty line demographics, women including adolescent girls and youth from socially disadvantaged groups and creates a corporate-ready workforce. We bridge the gap between millions of jobs opportunities across multiple sectors and the skills of the available workforce.

What We Do

  • Vocational Skills Training
  • Digital Literacy
  • Up-skilling Programmes
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Behavioral Training
  • Customized Training Programmes

This stark difference is due to lack of technical and soft skills. Paucity of highly trained workforce, as well as non-employability of large sections of the conventionally educated youth, who possess limited job skills are the dual challenges to be addressed to reap the demographic dividend.

We aim to enhance the skills of millions of youth across African country's and empower them with livelihood linked skilling programs. To build an inclusive, enabled and skilled society by skilling youth and providing employment in identified core sectors including Retail, Automobile, Hospitality, Health Care, Building and Construction, Telecom and Beauty & Wellness to name a few.

Ten Skills Needed For 2020

  • Complex Problem-solving.
  • Critical thinking.
  • Creativity.
  • People management.
  • Coordinating with others.
  • Emotional intelligence.
  • Judgment and decision making.
  • Service orientation.
  • Negotiation.
  • Cognitive flexibility.