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The Future of Education, Depends on Social. Emotional. Employability. Leadership Learning.

SEEL AFRICA - Developing a solid foundation of social and emotional intelligence in children through the teaching of values, virtues and life- and career-based skills.


Growing the confidence, self-awareness, and social skills of children

Some Teach Students, We Raise Leaders!

The world students are graduating into has never been more complex. Options are everywhere. Lead the necessary change needed for our children by integrating SEEL into your school’s curriculum, therefore giving children the chance to obtain the skills and confidence needed to turn their potential into success.

As part of the SEEL program, we’ve created a Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum that resonates with high school and middle school students.

We believe that creating a positive school culture begins with teaching your students self-leadership and integrity, so that they can be a positive influence on their peers. The leadership and life skills our programs teach will impact your young adults now and into the future.

SEEL nurtures values, soft skills, and career-based knowledge preparing them for their future, today. Taught throughout the school, with game-based learning, teacher-led activities, and curriculum.

Lead the necessary change needed for our children by integrating SEEL into your school’s curriculum.

Trusted by Schools

SEEL has been successfully implemented by schools in Africa. Our curriculum is designed to align with country standards. Increasingly, business leaders are listing emotional intelligence and collaborative skills alongside technical savvy or subject-matter mastery in their key recruitment criteria.

SEL Promotes Workforce Readiness

Today’s fast-paced occupations require the critical skills SEEL curricula teach. The SEEL program has been shown to increase pro-social actions, decrease aggressive behaviors, and improve academic achievement, especially in math and language arts.

Social, Behavioural & Emotional Skills

Five core competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making. Our nation’s children and young adults are coping with new and prevalent emotional realities we can’t ignore.